Red crystal - hosszú

Red crystal - hosszú
Termékazonosító: 1422

A termékről

This incense has been made in accordance with a 13th century manuscript on incense making.

Red Crystal Traditional Tibetan Herbal Incense for health, meditation, carefully compounded from 23 herbal medicinal ingredients brought from their native environment from the high Himalayan mountain range Kulu, Manali, Sikkim, Tibet.

The incense has a delightfully fresh and 'serene' fragrance which is excellent for puja offering.
It can help us relieve tension and irritability during meditation or as an aid to relaxation.
It is also extremely effective at eliminating stale odors and purifying the air.

Manufactured by: Drikung Charitable Society, Kagyudpa Institute
A doboz kb 40 db, 34 cm-es füstölőt tartalmaz.