A Manual of Ritual Fire Offerings
Szerző: Sharpa Tulku and Michael Perrott
Megjelenés: 1987
Terjedelem: 180 oldal
Állapot: antikvár
Nyelv: Angol
Termékazonosító: 1831
Ár:7,500 Ft

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A Manual of Ritual Fire Offerings
The fire offering for peace is commonly performed at the conclusion of meditation retreats associated with specific deities, in order to compensate for any errors that may have occurred during the practice. It can also pacify hindrances, increase merit, wealth, life span, etc. Here are fire offering practices for: Solitary and Thirteen-Deity Vajrabhairava, Guhyasamaja, Heruka, Vajra Yogini, and Cittamani Tara, among others.

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