Ancient metria medica [Sowa-Rigpa : Tibetan Science of Healing]
Szerző: Dr. Smanla T. Phuntsog M. B. B. S., M. S.
Megjelenés: 2006
ISBN: 818623053x
Terjedelem: 246 oldal
Állapot: antikvár, remek állapot
Termékazonosító: 2021

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Ancient metria medica [Sowa-Rigpa : Tibetan Science of Healing]
The book is a treasure-house of the traditional system of Tibetan medicine. Dr Smanla T Phuntsog's keen observations and understanding of he system makes its a valuable source of information for students and research scholars alike. The book deals with the fundamental knowledge of human physiology and medication by traditional as well as modern methods. The chapter on dharmic physiology explains and illustrates the teachings of Buddha and it goes into the deeper aspects of mind and the insignificance of the body and its response to various curative applications and its true nature of physiology. Of great importance is the listing of rare 493 herbs formulations and their therapeutic value. This surely will come handy as a ready-made presentation of medicinal formulations and curative applications. In short, the book shows the mastery of the author on Tibetan medicine and functional system of health. The correlation of many aspects of Tibetan and modern medicinal applications gives us a clearer concept of the human physiology and its functional and curative systems.

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