Huns - Magyars
The Military Culture of Magyars and its Related Peoples
Szerző: Kertai Zalán - Kárpáti Gábor Csaba
Megjelenés: 2006
Kiadó: Hun Idea
ISBN: 963 - 7014 - 17 - 9
Terjedelem: 150 oldal
Állapot: Új
Nyelv: Angol
Termékazonosító: 817

A könyv tartalmáról

The painter-artist Kertai Zalán's excellent drawings introduce a new approach to the military spirit existing in the Scythian - Hun - Avar - Magyar military culture. In the Foreword written by László Botos and in the Introduction and the text of the book written by Kárpáti Gábor Csaba we can read and see the historical background of the Magyars' brave and heroic ancestors and their famous chiefs. The book authentically presents the military equipment used in that period. I recommend this book to everybody who wants to get acquainted with the glorious past of the Hungarians.

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