A New Vision of Reality
Western science, eastern mysticism and christian faith
Szerző: Bede Griffiths
Megjelenés: 1990
Terjedelem: 304 oldal
Állapot: antikvár, újszerű
Nyelv: Angol
Termékazonosító: 3364
Ár:12,000 Ft

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A New Vision of Reality - Western science, eastern mysticism and christian faith
This work invites us to look afresh at Christianity in the context of modern physics on the one hand and Eastern mysticism on the other. Griffiths was formerly Benedictine Prior of Farnborough Abbey in England, who journeyed to India in 1955 to assist in founding an ashram that was a pioneer attempt to found a Christian community in India which would incorporate the customs of a Hindu ashram and the traditional forms of Indian life and thought
Bede Griffiths (1906-1993), born Alan Richard Griffiths and also known as Swami Dayananda (Bliss of Compassion), was a British-born Benedictine monk who lived in ashrams in South India. He was born at Walton-on-Thames, England and studied literature at Magdalen College, Oxford under professor and Christian apologist C. S. Lewis, who became a lifelong friend. Griffiths recounts the story of his conversion in 1931 to Roman Catholicism while a student at Oxford in his autobiography The Golden String.

Although he remained a Catholic monk he adopted the trappings of Hindu monastic life and entered into dialogue with Hinduism.

Griffiths was a proponent of integral thought, which attempts to harmonize scientific and spiritual world views. In a 1983 interview he stated,

"We're now being challenged to create a theology which would use the findings of modern science and eastern mysticism which, as you know, coincide so much, and to evolve from that a new theology which would be much more adequate."

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